Getting to know Mia Marin from the Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Series

Mia is a character in the Baxter Boys ~ Rattled series. I know a lot about Mia after the nine books, but she is also still an enigma. But sometimes she’ll reveal a bit of herself to me and I add it into my notes, which happened last week.

The first notes that I wrote about Mia when starting this series were:

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Never felt love as a child and latches onto guys, willing to do almost anything so long as it’s fun.

Loves sex - Until she doesn’t

What we know so far from the series is that she was a problem child. She met her best friends at the Baxter Academy of Arts – a high school for the trouble and talented. While her friends, who became family, didn’t know who their parents were, or their parents were gone, Mia has always had contact with hers. Her mother and Mia are very wealthy, but Mia refuses to touch her trust fund. She’ll make her own way. Her mother is also on her sixth husband, I think. Mia got into Baxter because she could act. She is now a bookkeeper/accountant because she’s good with numbers.

Mia also likes sex, and it is a favorite topic of hers. She is the type of character who would really like watching gymnasts, swimmers, divers, rowing team and rugby players. She doesn’t like a bulky guy, but a strong and defined and especially limber. She also recently revealed to me that she subscribes to sports channels because she enjoys watching sweaty athletes.

As a recap for those who have read, and not read, the Baxter Boys ~ Rattled series, Mia was first introduced in “Still Rattled” talking about sex. This is from Kelsey’s POV.

The front door opens and all I hear is, “He tied you to a bedpost? Oh my God, are you serious? I want someone to do that to me.” Is she talking on the phone or is someone else with her? I can’t see anything because whoever it is, she’s still in the foyer. And I’m not so shocked that she just walked in without knocking or ringing the doorbell as I am about her conversation.

“I wasn’t for it at first, but damn, it might have been the best sex I’ve ever had.”

I guess there are two girls, who I still can’t see. Did one of these guys tie her to a bedpost? Do I want to know?

Then I glance at Alex and my body flushes with heat. I don’t think I’d mind Alex doing that to me. Not after the way he kissed me upstairs. Anybody who can kiss like he does has got to be great in bed too.

What the hell am I thinking? I will not be having sex with Alex.

“Mia, how is it that you always know when I make pizza?” Dylan calls.

“Yes!” a girl cries right before two girls walk into the living room. Do these guys only hang out with people from their graduating class? Mia Marin was a gifted actress back then, often staring opposite of Zach on the stage. With her is Alyssa Landon, another actress from Baxter, who landed as many lead roles as Mia.

“Hey, Kelsey,” Alyssa says. “Joy told us you’ve been hanging out with Alex.”

“And I highly recommend silk scarves and bedposts.” Mia winks at Alex and my face gets even hotter.

“So we heard,” he answers dryly.

“They are already done?” Alyssa gestures to the stack of presents I wrapped earlier.

“Kelsey saved you this year,” Sean answers.

“Thank you, Kelsey,” Mia says as she walks into the kitchen.

Scarves are revisited later in the story, but it was more to change the topic to get Kelsey’s mind off her troubles or shock her out of her troubles.

“So, about those scarves, Mia,” Zach says. “Were they 100% silk?”

And with that one question, I’m confident Kelsey went from worry to shock by the way her eyes widened as she looked at Zach as if she couldn’t believe he asked such a thing.

I love that she’s shocked, and that she’s so easily embarrassed. In time, she’ll get used to everyone, I hope, but I also hope she holds onto some of her innocence. She may have had a kid once upon a time, but her reaction at Mia and Alyssa’s conversation was downright almost virginal.

“Of course.” Mia holds out her arms. “See, no chafing.”

“Just wrists or ankles too?” Zach asks as Kelsey’s face gets redder.

Mia gives him a sly grin. “I’ll let you use your imagination.” Then she winks at him.

“You’re killing me. You just don’t drop a few details and not give us the whole story,” Zach complains.

He probably has more sex stories to tell than anyone at the table. Not that I ask him, but he’s seen and heard everything. Some of the clubs and events he’s gone to as a drag queen has left him with endless stories to tell. And, the one thing Zach has never shied away from was anything that could be considered erotic in any manner or form.

“You know, it’s a slippery slope from silk and feathers straight to leather,” Zach says. “And darling, I know the perfect place to shop for all of those naughty needs.”

“Advise from your friends at the club?” Dylan asks dryly. I’m not sure what his take on sex is, and I never asked. But I’ve yet to know him to date anyone and have suspected he’s a prude deep down.

“We don’t just share makeup tips or which undergarments are more flattering to the figure.” He winks at Kelsey.

Her face is going to be on fire if it gets any redder.

“Oh, do tell,” Mia encourages.

“Please don’t,” Dylan counters. “And let’s talk about something more important.” He levels his eyes on Mia. “Christmas with your mother, or here?”

Things do change for Mia in “Rattle His Cage” but I won’t spoil that here. It was after that when she started reevaluating some things that haven’t made it to the pages yet because her story – SHAKE IT OFF - is still forming. But I did write this.

His lips grazed my neck, just where I liked to be kissed as his hand slipped under my shirt. My breasts literally ached, waiting to be touched, and my panties were already damp. If I didn’t stop this now… “I’m not having sex with you,” I pull away and straightened my shirt.

“Why?” (yet to be named hero asks)

“I like you too much.” If I sleep with him, the spell will be broken.

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“It does to me.” I don’t want to have to explain because then he’ll find out how fucked up I really am. “You can go if you want.”

“You invited me over, so I assumed I’d spend the night.”

“I’m not having sex with you,” I remind him. “If you think I’ll give in, you are wrong and if you try, it will just piss me off.”

He holds his hands up all defensive. “I won’t. I promise. I just want to hold you.”

No guy just wants to hold a girl in bed. At least, that hasn’t been my experience.

He throws his hands up in defense. “Fine, don’t believe me.”

I want to. I really do, but I don’t want to ruin what this is between us.

“What happened to you and why are you so afraid to let me close?” he asks quietly.

I don’t know why I’m doing a character study of Mia today, especially since her book isn’t due out for some time. I still need to finish “Shaken” (Zoe’s story) and then “Rattle-Patted” (Ryan’s story). Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the Olympics and if Mia wasn’t a fictional character, she would be too.

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