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A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time




Lady Phoebe Johansen embarks upon her first Season with two goals in mind - to remain unwed and scandal free in London.  It isn't that she is against marriage and if her situation were different, she would welcome the opportunity for love and children. It is just not practical.  Unfortunately, her older brother is smothering any chances she has of actually enjoying the Season out of fear her impetuous nature will land her in predicaments more ruinous than the physical mishaps she had suffered at home.

Taylor Qualls, The Earl of Sandlin, is forced once again to face his own obligations this Season.  He has a year and a half to find a suitable bride and produce the heir as dictated in his grandgather's will.  Nobody needs to tell him that Lady Phoebe is the last woman on earth he should marry.  After all, given his own track record with wives and Lady Phoebe's penchant for mishaps, she wouldn't survive a month as his bride.​




Sabrina Chester has been a servant at Lady Davies Academy for Young Ladies for the past four years. Until her father’s death, which left her destitute, she had been one of the affluent students. Sabrina is rescued from her plight by Marius Parker, who finds himself stranded in the last place he wishes to ever be.

Upon learning her identity, Marius is convinced treachery is afoot. He is acquainted with the uncle and cousin of Lady Sabrina and both are wealthy, affluent gentlemen of society. Marius couldn’t begin to understand why they had left Sabrina in this state of servitude. When he discovers that her father hadn’t been a victim of war, but a victim of murder, Marius determines the only way he can keep Sabrina safe is to marry her. Unfortunately, Sabrina doesn’t necessarily agree that this is the best option


HIS MYSERIOUS BLUESTOCKING (Previously His Not So Sensible Miss) (Novel)

Emily Frasier has lived as the ward of the Duke of Ellings since her father died when she was fifteen.  She also knows that soon it will be time to leave his household and make her way on her own.  When she discovers a cottage while visitng her aunt and uncle she knows this is where she wants to live and become a teacher, as her father once was.

Dillon Chambers must find a wife this Season in order to please his mother. If she didn't have control over something more precious than his freedom and life, he would not have made the promise to marry a lady with high connections at the end of the Season.  When he comes across Emily at his cottage and learns she is is the ward of a Duke, he feels his luck has finally changed. He could please his mother and settle with a lady he would actually want as his wife.

When the truth becomes known that Emily is only a professor's daughter, Dillon knows his parents will never approve. Will he risk everything to have her? Will Emily do the sensible thing or risk her reputation and heart so that Dillon doesn't destroy all he holds dear?



Noah Johansen, Marquess Felding, is determined to find a wife. Each of his friends had married well, and for love, yet Noah has not found a match for himself. Despite how much he has looked amongst the ton, Noah has come to the conclusion that he will not be as lucky as his friends.


Rosalind Valentine has been in love with Marquess Felding since she was in the schoolroom. She also knows that he will never be hers given her humble background and family secrets. As much as it pains her to watch him court another, Rosalind knows it is for the best and is determined to be content in her position as a nursery maid and companion.


Noah realizes that the lady he set to court is not the lady he wishes to be tied to for life and also begins to see Miss Rosalind Valentine in an entirely different light. Had he been looking in the wrong place for love? Had she been as close as next door? Will circumstances beyond his control keep him from making a Christmas Match?


(1)  His Impetuous Debutante                      * His Not So Sensible Miss

     * His Contrary Bride                          (2) His Christmas Match

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