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Contemporary Timeline Order

To visit each individual series and/or family, click on "Contemporary" above and a clickable list will appear.

Valentine Wishes (Baxter Family)


Colors of You (Baxter Academy)

Rattled (Baxter Boys - Rattled) 


Rattle His Cage (Baxter Boys - Rattled)

All Horns & Rattles (Baxter Boys - Rattled) 


Shadows of Memories (Baxter Academy)


Casting Doubt (Baxter Academy)

Shake, Rattle & Roll (Baxter Boys - Rattled) 


Between the Lines (Baxter Academy)

Rattle Around (Baxter Boys - Rattled)

The Christmas Rattle (Baxter Boys - Rattled)

The Rattle Box (Baxter Boys - Rattled) 

Slightly Rattled (Baxter Boys - Rattled)

Hard to Shake (Baxter Boys ~ Rattled) - Story is in "Take Two" collection

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