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Scot to the Heart

Courting the Scot

When a rake’s silver tongue fail to charm…


Ian Grant has wanted to court a certain lass for quite some time, but when his usual charm has no effect on Davina MacGregor, he stops talking and kisses her instead. And what a wonderful kiss it is too. Unfortunately, his rakish reputation precedes him and Ian somehow finds his honor in question and a challenge issued. Can he go to London for a Season without kissing anyone else?


A lass finds the tables turned on her….


Davina MacGregor only meant to protect her foolish family from being sent to the gallows should anyone discover what they’d done. She didn’t want to make Ian court her in secret, she just didn’t have another choice. But when he tires of her games and issues a challenge of his own…


Will the lass truly court the Scot?

Kissing the Lass

Determined to assist his distant relatives, Lord Gideon Trent travels to the Scottish lowlands, expecting to find a missing lady and even a kidnapper. However, he never expected to find the most unique miss he could have ever stumbled upon. From falconry to golf and even whisky, Arabella MacGregor is like no other lass in this world. How could anyone blame him for just wanting a tiny little kiss?

Scotland is in Miss Arabella MacGregor’s blood. The grain, the fields, and even the very air, but most of all, her family is here. Falling in love with an Englishman was completely unthinkable, at least until she is kissed by the most charming English lord. Arabella has never met anyone like Lord Gideon before. His words are magic and his kisses bewitch her soul. He was only to remain a fortnight but her uncle tied them together for a year and a day.  Will distance keep them from having a forever?

Once Upon A Midnight Masquerade.jpg

One Hour, one waltz, and several passionate, unforgettable kisses….


There was only one time in her life that Lady Claresta Copeland enjoyed the freedom of nobody knowing who she was—when she attended a masquerade ball disguised as Juliet. There, she met her Romeo. The romance lasted not above an hour before her maid yanked her away but Claresta cherished that night and thought never to see her Romeo again, until he appeared before her in London.


When a truth comes to light…


Donovan MacGregor had come to London to distance himself from his intrusive family, carve out a place for himself outside of Scotland, and eradicate Juliet from his mind and dreams. What he hadn’t expected was to meet her once again in England, and certainly not in Society. Nor had he anticipated that in truth, she was a lady.


What will happen when Donovan finds out the true identity of his Juliet?

Once Upon a Midnight Masquerade


Mistletoe, Whisky and a Rogue

One gossiping parrot, a few sips of whiskey, and a sprig of mistletoe will often seal one’s fate.


Ethan Copeland was only in England at his father’s request. It was important that he meet his uncle, and experience other options open to him as the nephew of a duke. However, after five months, Ethan is ready to return home. He, and his companions, two parrots named Rogue and Lady, longed for the warmth and sunshine of the New Orleans planation. What he hadn’t expected was to encounter a Scottish lass who had a taste for whiskey and an adventurous heart


Fanella Grant had little adventure in her life and visiting the ancient castle might be the best thing to happen in a very long time. However, when her first night of exploring finds her locked in a wine cellar with a very handsome American, Fanella realizes this adventure may be more than she could have imagined.


Unfortunately, all could be ruined by a parrot not only repeats what he hears, but also what he sees.

A Smugglers Christmas Scoundrel.jpg

The Smuggler's Christmas Rogue

     Miss Sheena MacGregor had loved Camdyn Oaks, Earl of Irvine, once upon a time. How could she not fall for his charm, honeyed words, and seductive lips? When she found out it was all a ploy, his betrayal cut deep. Never would she be such a fool again.

     Camdyn Oaks had set out to charm secrets out of Miss Sheena MacGregor. Instead, she captivated him and stole his heart. Before Camdyn could explain, confess the truth, and beg for forgiveness, she walked away and refused to ever speak to him again.

     Now with Christmas drawing near, Sheena is stuck on the English side of the border and forced to seek shelter in his home. Camdyn is determined to win her heart once again but fears that it may be lost to him forever.


    *A Lass for Christmas                      (2) Kissing the Lass

    *Lady Admired                                 (3) Once Upon a Midnight Masquerade

(1) Courting the Scott                                 *Christmas Spirits

* Is listed in another series - Tenacious Trents

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