The Spirited Storms

Christmas Spirits 

Mary Soares was supposed to spend Christmas, nice and warm on her family’s estate in Falkirk, Scotland, tending to their whisky business. However, the English have made smuggling almost impossible, and so order after order is waiting at the distillery until it’s safe enough to continue shipments. Most customers understand this. Most customers are reasonable. The Duke of Danby is not most customers. So after a number of demands from His Grace, insisting upon his order, Mary decides to deliver the whisky herself since no one else is available.


Benjamin Storm, Earl of Kenley, breathes a sigh of relief when his summons from the Duke of Danby has nothing to do with matrimony or a stack of special licenses. Instead, his uncle just needs Benjamin to travel to Scotland and procure his missing whisky shipment in time for his holiday festivities. The chore sounds easy enough, at least until he encounters a most unusual smuggler on her way to Danby Castle. Benjamin’s life may never be the same.

Weathering Captain Storm

     Captain Nathaniel Storm fell in love with Miss Isabella Valentine during the time of war. She followed the drum, he knew his duty. If not for the fear of making her a widow, Nate would have claimed her as his long ago.

Isabella knew Nate could never been hers, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming of what could have been if her life was as she claimed. She thought never to see him again after he was reassigned to a different regiment, which was for the best. Until he returned...

     His kisses spark lightening.

     Her smile is as bright as the sun.

     His eyes as green as new grass.

     Hers as grey as a stormy sea.

     His presence and touch, are tumultuous to her soul, tossing and turning her about, wondering when it would end.        Will she weather her love for Captain Storm, or will it destroy her in the end?

On the eve of Waterloo, she is nearly within his grasp, but will Isabella’s secrets make her as elusive as a rainbow after a summer rain. 

Ruined by a Lady

There is nothing Samuel Storm wants more than to leave London behind him and return to his plantation in Barbados, until he sees a portrait come to life. At least he’s fairly certain the girl across St. Paul's is the same one depicted in the scandalous painting he owns back in the Caribbean. But how can he be sure? And why would a lady pose for such a painting?


Lady Jillian Simpson has made many mistakes in her life, but the worst was falling for an artist who took advantage of her trust. She is fairly certain her father has found and destroyed all of the paintings, all but one, at least until she encounters the dashing Mr. Storm and learns another exists. But after everything she’s experienced, how can she ever trust him with her secret or her heart?


A Very Merry Viscount

The thought of spending Christmas at Danby Castle with her matchmaking great-uncle filled Lady Tabitha Storm’s heart with dread. She would love a match, of course, with the handsome horseman she’d spied in Hyde Park throughout the last season. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even know the gentleman’s name. But settling for anyone else is the last thing she’d ever do.


Andrew Delaney, Viscount Straffan was determined to eat, drink and be merry surrounded by family and friends in Ireland, but when The Duke of Danby dangled the one thing he coveted among all others, he had no choice but to travel to Yorkshire for Christmas. Before Danby will agree to the deal, he required one final task. Thankfully, it involved the beauty he’d spied strolling in Hyde Park. Would Andrew gain more this holiday than he ever dreamed, or would his Irish heritage stand in his way?

Lady Hannah's Holiday

In an unexpected turn of events, Lady Hannah Storm appears to have escaped the great-uncle’s matchmaking attempts, until he issues a dire warning that her position as a companion is temporary. Next spring, she will return from Barbados and marry whichever gentleman the Duke of Danby selects for her—and it won’t be the Marquess of Wingate, the only man Hannah has ever wanted.


Ashton Grell is unprepared to become the Marquess of Wingate when his father’s unexpected death forces the title upon him, along with crippling debt. When Ashton discovers he has inherited a planation in Barbados, he sets sail for the Caribbean and places hope in finding a solution to the threat of looming bankruptcy and a stint in debtor’s prison. What he finds is Lady Hannah, the lovely young woman who had gained his attention in London. Unable to resist her allure, he courts the lady in paradise. But troubles have a way of following a man, and Ashton is in danger of losing his freedom as well as Lady Hannah.


What both Danby and Ashton have both failed to take into consideration, however, is that Lady Hannah does not like being told what she can and can’t have, or in this case, who.


Mr. Peter Storm loved only one woman, Lady Johanna Knight, but she would never be his. Her grandfather would only allow Johanna to marry a title. Peter was the fourth son of an Earl.

Johanna didn’t care that Peter was only a mister and that his funds were limited. She loved him. He was her dearest friend. But he refused to even kiss her, let alone admit his love.

When Johanna faces danger, Peter realizes that more than his heart is at stake. It is up to him to save her, even if she will be denied him in the end.

Message from a Lady

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