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THE Academy 

Colors of You

Alexia Deme likes her quiet life as an art teacher at the Baxter School of Art, a high school for the talented and troubled. It was a long journey to get here, but she’s finally on her own and where she wants to be. Though nothing is ever permanent, this might be the first place she can stay for a while. At least she thinks so until that peace is disrupted by a fleeing felon, turning her world upside down and bringing the past to her present.


It was a normal, typical day when Officer Kian O’Brien got the radio call and took off after a fleeing suspect, over the walls of the Baxter Academy of Art and to the side of Alexia Deme right before she nearly collapses in his arms. In one moment, everything in his life is altered and the more Kian comes to know Alexia, the more he cares.


But, can he keep her from fleeing when the past comes back to haunt her? He’s not ready to let her go, but can he convince her to stay?


***Recommended for adult readers due to language, sexual content and adult situations***

This is an amazing book with characters you will fall in love with. I read this book on a whim and it did not disappoint! - Amazon Reviewer


Secrets, threats, budding romance, and passion fill the pages. Highly recommend. - Amazon Reviewer

& Print Edition

Shadows of Memories

"...Heartbreakingly beautiful!  A must read for 2015!" - SummersBookBlog

"Shadows of Memories is a romance novel that will never be forgotten by its readers. Readers everywhere will fall in love with this incredible and most compelling story of the century. Fans of the famous Fault in Our Stars movie and novel will be just as moved by this masterfully crafted and beautiful romance written by Jane Charles..." - UniversalCreativityInc14

"I got an ARC of this one and read it last week. The author totally won me over in her intro, where she discussed her life with her mother and how her mother's memory loss affected the family. There's a lot of real life in this book, and it's jam packed with the feels. It's available today." - Tammy Falkner

Jenna Ferguson had the biggest crush on Cole Harper in high school. He didn’t know she existed. Seeing how he turned out to be a male slut, she happy he never did notice her. Now, six years later he’s back in her life, and just when she least needs complications. It’s already complicated enough with her grandmother, the woman who raised her, slipping away.


It isn’t that Cole Harper didn’t like Jenna in high school, he just thought she was out of his league. Now, there’s the chance to get to know her. But first, he needs to convince her that all those rumors about him are false.  When he learns her grandmother is suffering from Dementia, his focus changes to being her friend.

& Print Edition

Casting Doubt (a novella)

Deidre O’Brien  met and chatted with Jesse Tinley, an art instructor at the Baxter Academy of Arts, one Sunday afternoon in November. After returning to classes at Vassar, she could not stop thinking about him. When spring break arrives, she knows exactly who she wants to spend it with.


Jesse Tinley was immediately attracted to Deidre O’Brien, but they only had an afternoon together. Even though he’d like for there to be more, he knows it’s not possible. Deidre’s still in college and he has two jobs and a son. When Deidre shows up in his studio the first day of Spring break, he begins to hope for more.


Unfortunately, any romance could be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin. All because of a babysitter named Larry. 

Between the Lines

As a reporter, Ellen West has an inherent need to dig up secrets and expose them, and the Baxter School of the Arts is concealing a secret she has vowed to find.  But on the path to the truth, she finds Gabe Kent, former ball player, and he sets about the path to finding out her truth, and it’s much more complicated than anyone could have suspected.


A school for the talented and the wounded.

A secret that threatens to destroy the whole system.

A threat that’s lurking in the background.

Blinding passion that clouds her vision.

A love unlike she could ever have dreamed.


Gabe Kent might be more than she can handle. But she certain he’s more than she deserves.


***Recommended for adult readers due to language, sexual content and adult situations***

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