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Meet the Knights


Tempted by a Governess (Love of a Governess)

Miss Katrina Carrick had two goals. The first, was to sell the contents of her father’s bookshop to pay his debtors. The second, to secure another position as a governess.

Lord Timothy Strotham wanted nothing more than to purchase the contents of the Carrick’s Book Shop and Lending Library and be on his way. He did not count on getting the deceased owner’s daughter as part of the bargain.

When thrust together, will Lord Timothy be able to deny his own desires or will Katrina proved to be too much of a temptation? When it comes time for them to part, will either be able to let go?


Message from a Lady (The Spirited Storms)

Mr. Peter Storm loved only one woman, Lady Johanna Knight, but she would never be his. Her grandfather would only allow Johanna to marry a title. Peter was the fourth son of an Earl.

Johanna didn’t care that Peter was only a mister and that his funds were limited. She loved him. He was her dearest friend. But he refused to even kiss her, let alone admit his love.

When Johanna faces danger, Peter realizes that more than his heart is at stake. It is up to him to save her, even if she will be denied him in the end.

An abbreviated version of Message from a Lady first appeared in The Sunflower Season (no longer available). This is an extended, enhanced edition.


A Scoundrel's Secret (Revenge of the Wallflowers)

Miss Carina Leonelli had once been the pampered daughter of an Italian barone. All that came to an end when her father fell into bankruptcy, lost everything, and then suffered a violent death. With no home to return to, she became the companion of her dearest friend and found her place among the wallflowers.

Mr. Felix Knight had wanted a simple life and one that did not include his grandfather. He found that when he took the position as the coachman for a marquess. His situation further improved when his employer brought home a wife and her sweet companion.

He hopes to win Carina’s heart, but will he be able to keep it when she learns the truth?

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