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The Trouble with the Tilsons

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Angelo Evans, the Earl of Bolton made a promise to his mother—that he’d marry before Christmas. As this would be the last Season he would ever enjoy, Angelo is determined to embrace all of life’s pleasures: brandy, women, and gambling. Come the autumn, he will find a miss, marry, become respectable, and settle into a boring existence.

Lady Octavia Kepple is finally free. Now out of mourning, she intends to embrace the Season as only a respectable widow can: find a lover. She doesn’t want just any lover, but the gentleman rumored to be the best lover in England, the Earl of Bolton. Now, she just needs to convince him to be her rake for the Season.

Though intrigued by Lady Kepple’s proposition, and his desire for her cannot be denied, Angelo doesn’t want to be tied to one lover during his last Season of freedom. However, Lady Kepple is most persistent, and an agreement finally reached might be more than either of them bargained for.



There were few people that Leopold Tilson IV, the Duke of Claybrook trusted. One of them being Lady Bethany Grey. It wasn’t simply trust, but also love. He had every intention of asking permission to court her until she, for no reason that he could fathom, pushed him into the Serpentine, and then refused to speak to him. That was a year and a half ago and nothing has changed.

Lady Bethany Grey had fallen in love with the Duke of Claybrook. Or at least she thought she had until she heard the truth from his very lips and realized that he was not the duke she thought him to be. Hurt and enraged, she did what any sensible lady would do and pushed him into the Serpentine and never looked back.

When she comes across him in the middle of the road trussed up like a Christmas Goose, it is up to her to save him. Between a battle of wills and bruised hearts, can the two reconcile their differences, or is it already too late?

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