Magic & Mayhem

Her Gypsy Lord

A delightful adventure, that is really all that Lady Charlotte Beck craved, but it was never to be. Not with two older brothers being the most diligent of chaperones. When her family is summoned to Castle Keyvnor for the reading of a will, Charlotte can hardly contain her excitement. Not that she believes in any of that nonsense about ghosts or magic. However, when she meets a handsome stranger in the nearby gypsy camp, it may be another adventure all togher that calls to her soul. 

Lord Adam Vail has spent the last two years at his grandfather’s estate taking care of his older brother until he succumbs to a debilitating illness. The only thing that has made being at Hollybrook Park bearable is that he is close to his mother’s gypsy family. He knows magic, ghosts and evil are very real and when Lady Charlotte dismisses his grandmother’s concerns, Adam finds himself protecting her from a very real and murderous ghost. Only one thing can safe her from a deadly fate.

Anthony Beck, Viscount Redgrave, has always done what was expected of his title and station. Ever the dutiful son, he abides by his mother’s requests even when they tend to the ridiculous. There is no other reason, after all, that he would visit a gypsy camp to acquire a piece of dead mistletoe that should rejuvenated itself once he is on the path of true love. Luckily at the gypsy camp, he happens upon the one lady he’s always wanted to court. Unfortunately, she’s in love with her guardian…


Miss Holly Prescott is not in love with her guardian. It is her duty, however, to make certain that nefarious young ladies with hopes of becoming his duchess, don’t trap him into a loveless marriage. While attending the Christmas Eve weddings at Castle Keyvnor, Holly learns that the nearby gypsies could be of help in that regard. However, she did not expect to stumble upon the handsome and oh-so-honorable Lord Redgrave in the process.

©2015  Jane Charles