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Magic & Mystery


Lady in the Grove

When Orion Drakos was told that not only was a mysterious lady in the grove, but that she lived there, he knew that he must investigate even though she was likely the imagination of a child. After all, Nightshade Manor had been in his family for generations so certainly he would know if someone was living there. What he learns, however, is that the lady isn’t the only secret that had been kept from him.

Lady Nina Jourdain has lived in the Sacred Grove of Nightshade Manor for most of her life. For the most part she had been content. She also could not leave.


The Vanishing Viscount

Lady Clara Westcott fell in love with Pierce Drakos, Viscount Harcourt, at the age of fifteen. That is also when everything went wrong- at least magically. When she encounters him again in London, Clara quickly realizes that she might very well be a danger to Harcourt and vows to keep her distance.

Pierce had considered Lady Clara sweet and pretty at fifteen but by eighteen, she had matured in a most delectable manner. However, every time he wished to draw near, she disappeared. Now that she would be visiting his family’s estate and attending his mother’s Witches’ Ball, he vowed to learn why she avoided him. What he hadn’t counted on was him being the one who now vanished.

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