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Frequently Asked Questions

I've been asked several questions through email and messages. If you have the same quesitons, hopefully I have been able to answer them here for you.

As to the Tenacious Trents ...  HISTORICAL

Which order should  I read them in?


Compromised for Christmas (novella)

*Landing a Laird (novella)

A Misguided Lord

A Perfect Gentleman

*Devil in Her Dreams (novella)

A Lass for Christmas (novella)

A Reluctant Rake

Lady Revealed

Lady Disguised (novella)

Lady Concealed 

Lady Revealed

A Tenacious Trents Wedding

Lady Admired


* denotes these are novellas with Tenacious Trent characters, but not about a Trent

As to the The Baxter Boys and all things Baxter ... Contemporary

As To A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time  series


What order should they be read in?


His Impetuous Debutante

His Contrary Bride

His Not So Sensible Miss

His Christmas Match


Will there be books for Lord and Lady Meadows as well as Sir Richard and Lady Lavins?


None are planned, or at least scheduled at this time. These couples were already married at the start of the series. However, I do know their history and how they met and the trials they have endured. I am not saying they won't be written one day. I am just not sure if or when.


Will there be stories for Noah's sisters?


Yes, I plan to write a story for each of them, beginning with Phillipa, then Penelope and finally Patience.  I didn't know where Patience's story would fall when I began the series. I guess I named her appropriately ;).


The Valentines were introduced in His Christmas MatchWill here be more stories about them?


Yes. There are stories for each of the Valentine siblings. However, these characters will also be appearing in other series.


His Christmas Match (A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time) - Rosalind Valentine

Her Muse, His Graces (A Muses Novel) - Bianca Valentine

Weathering Caption Storm (Spiried Storms) (coming soon) - Isabella Valentine


I have plans for all of the siblings to have a story of their own.




As to The Wiggons' School for Elegant Young Ladies

Will there be stories for the three students?


Yes, there will be stories for the Troublesome Trio, or better known as Eliza Westen, Rosemary Fairview and Lady Sophia Trent (no relation to the other Trent's unless I discover something in her past ;)). The earliest these books could be released is the summer/fall of 2017.

If there are further questions you have, please email me and I will promptly answer them.  Thanks for reading.



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