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Hoppy Easter!!!

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Celebrating Easter ~ Regency Style


Easter meant that the official London Season would soon begin. It was expected that Society would refrain from indulgences during the 40 days of Lent and all activities were curtailed between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Once Easter had been celebrated, Society once again returned to attending balls, mothers presented their daughters, and gentlemen avoided matchmakers.

Other Regency Era Easter traditions include colored hard-boiled eggs! Until I researched, I hadn’t realized that this was a Regency Era custom. Children would also roll their eggs down hills in a race.

Another, Easter Dresses. Wearing something new dates to Roman tradition, but it is believed to be good luck to have something to wear in the Spring. This also includes a new bonnet or an Easter bonnet.

I’ve not yet written a Regency Romance that includes Easter, but maybe I should so that I can include the other Easter traditions from the era.

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     One tradition I did start with my kids was that they were each given a book in their Easter Basket. When they got a little older and knew their own tastes, they started getting a Barnes & Noble Gift Card so they could pick out their own book. They couldn't wait to get to the store, especially since Spring break was usually happening, we were often there the next day. 

     Since I now associated Easter traditions with a new book, I am giving the ebook DEVIL IN HER DREAMS to each reader.  Just click here

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Click HERE for the Egg Matching Worksheet, if you do not have one yet. One column has the names of the authors participating. The last column each egg is numbered. In the first column write the number for the egg that is on the author's webpage. Example: My egg number is 19, but don't tell anyone. 

Once you've completed the worksheet, email it to Heather McCollum at

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