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Hoppy Easter!!!

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Let’s Talk Traditions


     When I was a kid, Easter dinner was always Ham.

     As what happens in a lot of families, kids grow up, they marry and have kids of their own. Mom ended up with ten grandchildren.

     Not only did the house get crowded, but there were a lot of birthdays to celebrate. So, we'd pick on Sunday each month to get together for dinner and to celebrate the birthdays that fell during that particular month. Those who had a birthday picked the meal. 

     Spoiler - we stopped eating Ham (I'm not really sad about that)

     The new Easter tradition, when it fell in April became Easy Chicken Enchiladas and Tacos. If Easter fell in March, then the meal was Chicken and Noodles. So, maybe Chicken became our new Easter Tradition.

     Now that Mom is gone, I still make Chicken Enchiladas on Easter and it is now the tradition in my home.

     While this recipe is completely Americanized (no enchilada sauce for one), it is still delicious and so easy.

(Note: I mix up the cheeses - mainly because I haven't been able to find Longhorn cheese in years and substitute a Cheddar mix).

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     One tradition I did start with my kids had nothing to do with food. In each Easter Basket, besides the basics, they were also given a book. When they got a little older and knew their own tastes, they started getting a Barnes & Noble Gift Card so they could pick out their own book. They couldn't wait to get to the store and since Spring break was usually happening, we were often there the next day. 

     Since I now associated Easter traditions with a new book, I'll be giving away one signed copy of my latest release - THE GHOST & MISS MIRANDA. For a chance to win, fill out the Google Form and either follow or friend me on Goodreads. 

     If the winner is outside of the US, an ebook will be gifted.


Thanks for hopping! I hope you have a lovely and safe Easter.

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