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Meet Miss Rosemary Fairview

Miss Rosemary Fairview – Traveler, Independent, Adventurer, Competitive —A Regency Era relic hunter.

Rosemary is the only daughter of Sir William and Caroline* Fairview. He is a former Lieutenant Colonel, and his wife followed the drum. When he retired, Sir William and Caroline continued their travels and participated in archeological excavations. During this time, Caroline journaled daily of their adventures. When the journals were full, she mailed them to her daughter who was still back in England.

That daughter was Miss Rosemary Fairview, tucked safely away at the Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies. If you read this series, you will know that Rosemary was part of the Terrible Trio because she was often getting up to mischief usually instigated by her dear friend Eliza.

Back then, Rosemary was indecisive, often pulled in two directions. One being Eliza who often threw caution to the wind and often taking dangerous chances. The other, Lady Sophia Trent, who was reasonable and cautious. Eliza’s strong personality usually won.

That was then.

Much has changed for Rosemary since she left school and joined her parents in Egypt. She was ready for her own adventure after reading her mother’s journals, but now she realized that it was in her blood, and there was no looking back.

In time, she overcame being timid, indecisive, and found independence.

There is only one thing she has not been able to let go of from her past, and that is her infatuation for Lord Maxwell Trent. It took root when she was all of thirteen, and never let go. He has never seen Rosemary as anything other than a friend to his younger sister, and he was as protective as how she assumed an older brother would be. So much so that the first time Max saw Rosemary in Egypt, he tried to send her back to the safety of England where innocent misses belonged. Hurt, and irritated, Rosemary vowed to forget Lord Maxwell Trent and embrace her next adventure.

This is also the very reason she announced that she’d be the first to find a stolen antiquity while they were both present at the Babylon Exhibition. That was the first challenge, and many more followed with Lord Maxwell Trent being her constant nemesis.

*I’m not certain that I ever gave Rosemary’s mother a name. If I did, I can’t locate it so for the purpose of this post, she is now Caroline.

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